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Amsoil Synthetic motor oil!.  #1 in synthetics
NW Synthetics in Canby,Oregon.  An Independant Amsoil Dealer proudly serving the community.  Our unparalleled service, competive prices, and overall value are why customers keep returning for Amsoil products. Amsoil products perform as intended, the better the products perform the easier they are to sell.  The quality attrracts consumers, it inspires confidernce and enthusiasm.  Amsoil manufaturers its own product line to ensure quality control, product line is large, provivding, "YOU", the consumer with diversity and choice.  Thats why Amsoil is in demand, and they back their products.   Amsoil is # 1 in Synthetics.  Keeping your vehicles running longer and more efficiently,and less wear and tear!
Everyone knows how the economy is going and how we are trying to save and make every penny count.  Whether it's savings through extended drain intervals, prolonged engine and equipment life or improved overall performance through superior lubrication, people recognize the great value the products provide   I will tell you using,  Amsoil products will save you time and money. Save today by becoming aPreferred Customer.  Check out all the products Amsoil offers. You can't go wrong.
We look forward to your patronage. 
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Know the facts!
Amsoil saves you money
AMSOIL extended drain intervals means fewer oil changes, long term savings and conveinience.  Even if you drive 12,000 miles per year, the cost for AMSOIL motor oil is less than you pay for petroleum oil now! And you still get,better wear protect, lower engine tempatures,improved fuel efficency,and easier cold weather starts.  All of these add up to reduced operating cost and longer engine life.  Change your oil and filter today and in 12 months change it again.  Thats it! What could be more convenient and good for your vehcile,too!